special edition SUPREME DHs.

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World Championships Val Di Sole - Training

For their second day in the Dolomitic Alps of Italy, COMMENCAL riders were finally able to check out the track behind the handlebars of their special edition SUPREME DHs.

It has been super dry on track and that won’t necessarily favour all the riders. Very quickly, from the first Junior practice, braking bumps and ruts started to appear, perhaps even making each run more difficult. It’s extremely technical and rough in places and there have been many mechanicals (notably punctures) during the first day.

For the race on Sunday things will not only be physical for the riders but also depend a lot of the mechanics. All the riders and their staff are constantly tweaking things to find the most suitable settings for this track - which tyres? What pressures? How can suspension be set? Everyone is working hard to find answers to all these questions. Especially since the track will evolve further in the coming days.

A particularly exhausting track for all, the riders remain concentrated and focused to find the best lines. Amaury Pierron, who is not yet 100%, said that his arms were suffering, "This is not the best way to get back to work! I haven't ridden for two months and I don't feel like I'm on top yet. When I finish a run, I have no more arms left! I feel like an old snail.”

Today, riders will take advantage of the day to find their bearings and prepare for qualifying.

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Photos : Keno Derleyn / Nico Brizin