World Cup #1 Lourdes - Camille Balanche and Amaury Pierron with the First Wins for the SUPREME DH V5!

What an Incredible First Round in Lourdes
Crazy fans, crazy race runs! This first round of the 2022 World Cup will definitely be remembered by many. It was also the first win for the SUPREME DH V5 in both of the Elite categories and at its very first World Cup!

In the women’s competition Camille Balanche won magnificently with a perfectly controlled run. Third overall in last years World Cup series, she started her season perfectly, just ahead of another COMMENCAL rider, Myriam Nicole! Pompon, who crashed earlier in morning practice hitting her head, turned it around and provided us with a superb race, taking second place! The SUPREME DH V5 therefore takes the first two places in the elite women’s category!

Monika Hrastnik finished 9th. Mille Johnset crashed in her first race with the COMMENCAL/100% team. Too bad, she had the speed at the start of her run.

In the men’s, it was incredible Amaury Pierron and in an incredible race! This was one incredibly tense and exciting World Cup with stunning runs and riders at the top of their game, already this early in the season! Amaury Pierron took the win with an impressive run. “It feels crazy good! It's been a while, but I love it so much! It was incredible to ride in these conditions!” It was a magnificent performance which also places him first in the overall competition. As Amaury said it in our recent "This is Us" Documentary, it took months of work to get this win. Well deserved!

It was also an impressive run by Benoit Coulanges who finished 4th. A run on the limit where once again he showed that he's not an outsider but indeed a very good contender for a World Cup win this season. In a similar fashion, on his limit too, Antoine Vidal put on a great show and finished 9th! He demonstrated his excellent power and strength!

It was a good start to the season for Angel Suarez (14th) and Hugo Frixtalon (17th), who put down solid runs after months of injuries and struggles. Baptiste Pierron was 24th and Thomas Estaque 28th. Thibaut Daprela crashed in the final, but he showed that the pace was there.

In the Junior Women’s category, Alizés Lassus took a nice 5th place, whilst in the Junior Men's, Jack Piercy finished 9th. Tristan Lemire and Hugo Marini both crashed, finishing 22nd and 23rd.

Congratulations to all these riders! The World Cup will be back in just under two months in Fort William!

Photos : JB Liautard / Keno Derleyn