World Cup #5 Snowshoe - Qualifying

Qualifying day at Snowshoe!
Riders have been in the United States of America for just less than a week now, preparing for the two final rounds of the World Cup. Qualifying for the first of two rounds took place on Tuesday evening, before the final on Wednesday.

“Roots, rock gardens, big jump lines and pedal sections… this track really has it all! It's difficult to ride, the lines are generally the same for everyone but it is very difficult to find a rhythm and to be able to keep the speed all the way down to the bottom… " Explained Myriam Nicole yesterday during training. After two days spent on the track, Pompon seems to have no problem controlling things as yesterday she set the best time in women's qualifying, more than 7 seconds ahead! We hope that she will hold her nerve in the final to consolidate her position as leader in the overall rankings!

Camille Balanche also made us smile. The 2nd woman in the overall took the second fastest time in these qualifications! A good omen before the final? Her teammate Monika Hrastnik took the 9th quickest time.

Amongst the guys, it was Vice-World Champion Benoit Coulanges who impressed by taking the second fastest time in qualifying after Canadian Finn Iles. Always consistent and efficient on track, we hope that he will be able to clinch his first World Cup spot in the final!

Despite persistent pain, Amaury Pierron laid down an excellent time and finished 5th in qualifying. However, an error during his run did cost him a few seconds… The speed is there! "I still have some pain, I don't feel 100%. But I'm happy to be able to ride after my crash yesterday, gonna send it in the final!"

For Thibaut Daprela, a crash early in his run prevented him from being amongst the top finishers. His position as leader in the overall protects him and means he’s still in the final. "It's nothing serious. Now I have to rest, concentrate on the final and be ready for my run! "We hope that he will have the resources to keep his No.1 plate before the last round this weekend!
There were also good performances for Angel Suarez and Greg Williamson who took 23rd and 25th.

Finally, qualifications also proved successful for our junior women. Siel Van Der Velden and Ella Erickson took the 2nd and 4th fastest times. Ella Erickson knows this track particularly well as it’s her home track. A podium in the final would be perfect for her! In junior men, Alix Francoz and Tristan Lemire took the 5th and 6th fastest times. But it was a difficult day for Pau Menoyo after a crash during practice. With an injured wrist and feeling far from 100%, he made the decision to roll out of the start gate without finishing his run. His position in the overall protects him for the final.

See you this Wednesday at 6.30pm CEST/9.30am PST for the first final of the final stop on the calendar!

Photos: Keno Derleyn