New Recruits for the COMMENCAL ETHEN Team

The COMMENCAL ETHEN team is getting bigger and stronger!
Launched in 2016, the team managed by Charlie Julia has had many DH successes in Spain and several World Cups too.
After three encouraging seasons, the team welcomes two new riders to support Charlie and Jordi Simo, Jorge Panizo and Pau Menoyo.


20-year-old Jorge Panizo will ride in elite category this year.

A versatile rider,
he's achieved top 20s in Junior World Cup DH
 in recent seasons and finished 26th
in the last European Championships in his second elite season.






At 16,
Pau Menoyo is one of the most technical and talented riders in Spain.

In Youth category last season,
he won numerous nationwide competitions.

In 2020, he will race in the Junior category and
line up at the start of his first World Cup!



Throughout the season,
COMMENCAL ETHEN Team will be accompanied by a new mechanic
by the name of Albert Pous.



Finally, Manel Cabot is media man of the team!
He will continue to follow Charlie Julia and his teammates
to different events to film and provide content and new edits
for the team's YouTube channel!





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