The French rider uses the same transmission as featured on our META AM 29 XX Edition!" />

SRAM AXS: Antoine Vidal is a Fan

COMMENCAL VALLNORD ENDURO Team rider Antoine Vidal has just completed an incredible season by winning the Enduro World Series U21 overall title and grabbing a silver medal at the DH World Championships!  Whilst the META AM29 XX Edition has just been released, Antoine has had the opportunity to use the SRAM AXS wireless transmission and seat post that you can find on this model. So, we wanted to share his feedback with you!

COMMENCAL: What were your first impressions of the SRAM AXS wireless transmission?
Antoine Vidal: I participated in two rounds of EWS with this transmission, so I clocked up a lot of kilometres using it. I was immediately won over, especially by its speed and efficiency! Since i’ve been using it, I have had a hard time going back to using conventional transmission...

C: Does it change anything in relation to your riding?
AV: The riding itself, no. On the other hand, I can make my own choices and transmission settings via the SRAM AXS bluetooth app. This is important during the race. For example, I reversed the positioning of the two shifters that go up or down the gears. I chose to use the lower trigger to go down the gears. This way, for me the access is easier and my thumb doesn't move when I change gear for short uphills. It's much more efficient and ergonomic. I can also define how quickly I want my gears to change. This system has become indispensable for enduro and I really want to be able to use it for DH too! I am sure that we could save time.

C: Are you satisfied with the way this system works?
AV: Everything is very simple to take on-board. During use the system is effective and there is nothing more to say. And the settings! There is very little maintenance, everything is simple and efficient. I don't need mechanical help because I can do everything myself through the application. It's very convenient to use. Every detail or setting possible is explained in all languages ​​on the SRAM site. I sometimes feel like I'm in a video game!

C: What is the charge of this system like? Are you satisfied?
AV: Yes, completely! When we visited Whistler, there was nothing to recharge, I was pretty surprised! SRAM gives a charge-life of about twenty hours but this time does not include uphill/pedalling sections, only the times when the shifters are being activated. In fact, if you don't change gear every 20 seconds the charge lasts a long time, it’s really good. There is no need to question it during a race weekend.

C: Have you ever had a problem with durability?
AV: The derailleur impressed me. At EWS Northstar I was scared to break it because there were so many rocks. I hit the derailleur many times and have never had a problem! In fact, there is a safety system that allows the derailleur to bend to the side of the wheel during big shocks to prevent it from breaking. With that it doesn't twist and above all it's always working. This can be a huge advantage over 'traditional’ transmission, which can easily break or fail if it gets hit.

C: What about the telescopic seat post?
AV: It’s super powerful and practical to use. A simple button for the trigger, you don’t have to force with the thumb for it to work. Very comfortable. The seat post and transmission assembly also goods really good together. There are less cables, the front of the bike is clean and it’s super-low maintenance.

Photos: JB Liautard / Sven Martin




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