The funds from our donation box have been handed over to MBF!" />

Roc d'Azur 2019 : It's Offered But It's Not Free

These words have adorned a donation box for the last two years on our Roc d'Azur stand.
At more and more events around the world now, we enjoy sharing good times and offering drinks and snacks to those who want to join us!
That's why we came up with this idea...

In these fun social moments, it’s good to think of helping others too, via our donation box.
For every beer coffee, soda or burger consumed, everyone can deposit their desired amount without any obligation.
"It's offered but it's not free!”

This year the contents of the box were donated in full to the MOUNTAIN BIKERS FOUNDATION, which is an association that aims to promote the practice of a sustainable and responsible mountain biking.
We all collected 1,173€!
Thank you for your generosity!

See you next year!




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